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He was told as a rookie that his stance wouldn’t work

That was correct around the world after 9/11 and it is correct in Trump America today. It is way past time for the best of Republicans to finally lead even demand a party wide return to decency and truth. And a return to a party that will return the grand to its GOP..

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“When you buy steroids online, you have no idea what you’re really getting,” said Don Hooton, who started the Taylor Hooton Foundation after his 17 year old son’s 2003 suicide was linked to steroids. “You are not getting the same steroid your grandmother is legally getting for her bad knee. You really have no idea what you are getting, even if you buy something that comes in a nice bottle with a fancy label.”.

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The financial damage from EV overreach could be severe. Global automakers will spend $225 billion on EV development between now and 2023, according to AlixPartners. But with overall auto sales falling in China, Europe and the United States, automakers face a “profit desert” for several years or longer, if customers don’t come around..

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