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The whole court system has become underfunded

I’ve found joy and personal satisfaction in finally entering my record collection into the popular online music database. I’ve always wanted to know precisely how many albums I own (1,000+ and counting) and roughly how much they’re worth. For insurance purposes alone, this is a worthwhile endeavor for any record collector.

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Lastly, the power of silence can help us become who we were created to be. Sometimes life gets so busy and we get trapped in a vicious cycle of work, kids, chores, bills, and so on. We tend to forget who we are in the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

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“There are a lot of inadequate defense attorneys out there who are still practicing, because for the better ones, there isn’t enough money to make it worthwhile,” Buting says. “And quite frankly, the prosecution is underfunded, too. The whole court system has become underfunded because we’re spending too much on the corrections part of criminal justice.”.

The damages inflicted by gossip and slander can be severe. It is not by accident that scripture addresses gossip and the dangers that it can inflict. Gossip is often seen as a minor offense in the eyes of many people, until they have been the victim of such actions.

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