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Here’s the thing. In 1988 89, when Reinhart had 39 power play points, good for 15th in the NHL, the Canucks power play was actually one of the worst in the league: 18th of 21 teams with a 19.0% success rate. The same was true in 1989 90: Reinhart led the team in power play points with 31, but the team as a whole struggled..

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Air Canada is laying off more than 5,000 flight attendants, about 60% of that staff, according to a union official, as the country largest airline grounds its planes. Wesley Lesosky, who heads the Air Canada component of the Canadian Union of Public Employees, said the layoffs include 3,600 Air Canada employees, as well as 1,549 at Rogue, Air Canada discount carrier. The layoffs will take effect by April.

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“O Canada! Land of our ancestors. / Your brow is covered with glorious flower garlands. / Because your arm knows how to wield a sword / And knows how to carry a cross / Your history is an epic / Of brilliants exploits / And your valour is steeped in faith / Protect our homes and our rights / Protect our homes and our rights.”.

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