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“I turned around and was shot in the back

LZ Granderson is sports and culture columnist for the Los Angeles Times, where he shares his perspective on how sports connect with politics, culture, race, fashion and music. Times Today.” He is also the co host of ESPNLA 710 Radio’s “Mornings with Keyshawn, LZ and Travis,” the ringside reporter for DAZN and a contributor to CNN. He previously was co host of ESPN TV’s “SportsNation,” wrote for ESPN and the Undefeated and was a contributor to ABC News.

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“Kind of like my entire journey, this is another unprecedented aspect,” Hurts said. “It’s unprecedented to see what the world is going through right now. But in terms of me staying in communication with teams, I’ve been doing Facetime calls with GMs and coaches and doing Zoom calls with coaches as well, talking ball and doing different things like that, so keeping me very busy with those things, so that’s definitely a good thing, so I’m just controlling what I can, as I always have, and moving forward every day..

cheap jerseys For The Daily Beast for The Daily BeastThe chaos came after police tried to fend off protesters surrounding Third Precinct headquarters by erecting barricades and firing projectiles at the crowd.One demonstrator, Jeremy Kocke, held up the back of his shirt to show a large bruise forming from a rubber bullet. “I turned around and was shot in the back,” he said Wednesday evening. “I didn’t do anything to get shot.”The 32 year old was one of several protesters struck by projectiles after activists surrounded the department’s embattled precinct house. cheap jerseys

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