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The Red Sox traded a star at the dawn of his prime

Accompanied by sidekick Tom Werner on Monday, Henry began with an opening statement designed to soothe the turmoil of his troubled fans.Henry commiserated with those angered by the trade of Mookie Betts to the Dodgers, said the deal followed fruitless negotiations on a long term deal, and cited the likelihood the Red Sox would have lost Betts to free agency after this season, with just a draft pick in return.carefully considered the alternative over the last year and made a decision when this opportunity presented itself to acquire substantial, young talent for the years ahead, Henry said.Well, that one way of looking at it. Of course, the facts can be assembled into an alternate vision.The Red Sox traded a star at the dawn of his prime and a veteran starting pitcher (even if he is David Price) for a decent young player (Alex Verdugo) who is reputed to have occasional bursts of bad attitude and two prospects (who may or may not actually enjoy big league success).It will take years to fully judge the trade. It took seconds for Red Sox fans to realize their 2020 edition looks worse than the 2019 model.TIME TRAVEL: Feb.

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