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Because you have more choice and in many cases most

Some people remain blissfully unaware of how damaging their negative self talk is. There are some that have very high standards and that there is nothing wrong in giving themselves a hard time if they don’t reach them. There are others who believe that they are just a failure at anything they attempt and are made utterly miserable by their perceived inadequacies..

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The 2000s were also a decade of acknowledging those off the ice who have contributed so much to the team. Two Calgary legends were recognized by the Hockey Hall of Fame in 2006, when Flames co owner Harley Hotchkiss was inducted in the Builder Category and broadcaster Peter Maher received the Foster Hewitt Memorial Award. In 2009, the Flames lost one of their own with the passing of co owner Daryl “Doc” Seaman, who was also inducted by the Hall as a Builder in 2010..

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