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“To know they’re out there and we have the space and

Really went down, issue by issue by issue slogging through this. They made some concessions which we appreciated. Still far away on a lot of the important issues but we continuing to go back. I was at the brink of a barrier less segment of a bridge suspended between two hills. From here, I was going to jump to the river rolling meters beneath. I was okay jumping off the platform but after I realised I was free falling, the adrenaline buzzed throughout my body.

“Just know that there are kids out there who need homes, and they are living, breathing, right now in need of foster homes and adoptive homes,” Sarah said. “To know they’re out there and we have the space and the ability to care for them, it spurred us to continue doing this. The more we looked into it, the more we saw the need, and it just grew from there.”.

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Often confused with its neighbors and Rose Park, Poplar Grove is directly south of the Salt Lake International Airport. “There’s a misconception about west Salt Lake,” says Andrew Johnston, chairman of the Poplar Grove Community Council. “It is lower socio economically [than the east side], but there are a lot of great schools with great kids, a strong working class and healthy families in the area.” The Spanish influence is definitely recognizable, and the locally owned markets and storefronts catering to the Spanish speaking population set this neighborhood apart, along with the low cost of living.

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