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He was not the same quarterback

Interesting point but I not sure I agree. There are other professional soccer leagues in the UK aside from the Premier League as well. From what I can find, CFL revenues are about $213M, and US college football is $3.4 billion. This plan, if the plan it was, failed instantly. Josh Johnson, Washington’s fourth string quarterback, threw an interception on the game’s very first snap. FedEx Field erupted with the Eagles fans’ cheers, and they seldom abated.

In the first head to head showdown since their summer split, George’s Clippers defeated Westbrook’s Rockets, 122 119, on Friday night at Staples Center. Los Angeles eked out the comeback with a 10 2 closing run in the final minute, with George hitting a key three pointer and regularly defending Westbrook down the stretch. As fate would have it, Westbrook had a clean look at a game winning three pointer carom off the back rim before George secured the defensive rebound and iced the game with free throws..

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