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Theycall him “Chef Mike” and will sometimes make

To get rid of Mueller.”McGahn also told investigators that Trump wanted to prosecute James Comey, the FBI director he had fired, as well as Hillary Clinton.Mueller’s prosecutors “basically had unfettered access” to the top White House lawyer, Schmidt said. “It’s an ongoing live obstruction investigation into the president. Trump is doing things and he is spawning tentacles of this investigation in almost real time.””One of the most remarkable things that I found out,” Schmidt continued, “is that this cooperation becomes so extensive that there are what I would call near real time requests for information going from Mueller’s office to McGahn’s lawyer to find out what Trump is saying behind closed doors.”McGahn’s personal lawyer even prompted him to proactively disclose a damaging fact that Mueller’s investigators were unaware of and had not asked about that Trump had pressured McGahn to fire Mueller.McGahn’s testimony was key to the Mueller report’s obstruction of justice findings.

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