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It going to get ugly around here

He has been named national sports columnist of the year seven times by the Associated Press, and twice by the Society of Professional Journalists and National Headliner Awards. Plaschke has appeared in a movie (“Ali”), a dramatic HBO series (“Luck”) and, in a crowning cultural moment he still does not quite understand, his name can be found in a rap song “Females Welcome” by Asher Roth. In case you were wondering and he was “Plaschke” is rhymed with “Great Gatsby.”.

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PACKERS: OUT: DT Johnny Jolly (shoulder). DOUBTFUL: TE Bubba Franks (knee), QB Aaron Rodgers (hamstring), LB Tracy White (ankle). QUESTIONABLE: CB Charles Woodson (toe). Look at it as we are trying to take new technology and science and develop a whole new product, Yakacki said. Is more than a hobby; you can do this in your spare time. If you are going to make helmets safer, solve the concussion problem, you need time and resources and people..

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