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Meanwhile, Jerry Reese, the first African American

One problem, for instance, is that many minority coaching candidates are already dealing with the stigma of being a “token Rooney Rule guy.””And now,” one of the personnel men noted, “you’d be battling being a token guy because they want to be compliant or get a draft pick.”Even if qualified minority head coaching candidates get hired, will they be given enough time to succeed? Steve Wilks was fired after only one season in Arizona as head coach in 2018, while Vance Joseph was given only two years in Denver despite lacking a quarterback.Meanwhile, Jerry Reese, the first African American general manager to win a Super Bowl (he finished with two championships), was fired after a losing season in 2017, his fourth in five seasons with the New York Giants.”A lot of GMs that are in this for a long time have some swings and misses,” one of the personnel men said. “Minnesota has a great front office, but they’ve had some misses. Still, they’ve been given the longevity to stick with it.

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