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“In the first half, we lacked intensity that they

More than 100 keen lawn bowlers will grace the turfs at the Halls Head wholesale jerseys from china and Port Bouvard bowling clubs for the 23rd Australasian Fire Services Bowling Carnival early next month. The competition will see former fire brigade personnel and associated members converging on the two clubs for five days of competition with singles, doubles and fours tournaments on the schedule. Held every 18 months, the carnival more commonly known as the “Firies carnival” sees competitors from across Australia and New Zealand go head to head as they represent their state or nation.

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Cheap Jerseys free shipping So I have to say they were a bit lucky.”Also, in the first half we hit the post twice before they scored the first goal, but they played brilliantly They fought like this was the game of their life, which probably it was.”I think a beautiful day for football because a team from a lower division won and got into (the) semi final. A big day for them and a big day for their supporters, so I congratulate them.”I don want that I say they were a bit lucky to be the main thing of it. They main thing if it is that they won and they fought hard for that.”In the first half, we lacked intensity that they had, and when I say intensity I say not just physical, I say also mentally.”For them, it is a big night, and in this club we know how to win and how to lose, so we lose saying congratulations to them and good luck for the semi final.” Cheap Jerseys free shipping.

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