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And, second, because it is not practiced enough by

Under a six page Guarantees section, the NFL also asked that local police provide officers, at no cost, for anti counterfeit enforcement teams focused on tickets and merchandise. Other provisions in the section ask for government resolutions requiring management at local airports to with those needing special services including those arriving on team charters and private planes. The NFL also asked that government licensing fees be waived for as many as 450 courtesy cars and buses..

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The final crowd was treated to special moments throughout the show including a performance of Celine’s new song ‘Flying on My Own’ from her upcomingalbum, Courage,due for release in November of this year. View performance clip here. Touching moments included a photo collage backdrop set to ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’ featuring images from Celine’s Colosseum shows from the very beginning, and photos of Rene Angelil, her late husband and former manager, and their three boys, who also joined Celine and her longtime orchestra and band on stage during the emotional final curtain call..

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