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In 1988, former national security aides Oliver L

It was really nice to do that. I put a hat on and a scarf under the hat. I was partying in a dancing manner. Yes, and it’s part of who I am as well. Part of it is being the oldest. I’m driven to clear the path and be the best I possibly can. Kline School of Law). “Caring about a professional franchise has at its core caring about the city and caring about what happens to us collectively as a community,” says Kline. “Communities have leaders, and you expect leaders to be visible so now we’re seeing the kind of people you’d expect to be drawn to the flame.”Kline has been a season ticket holder for 20 seasons, occupying what he calls “the best seat in basketball” next to the visitors’ bench (where he can see opposing coaches draw up plays) since these seats were first made available in 2006.

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“Though the water is receding, (in) many areas we still have damaged roads that are impassable and closed. There may be also gas and electric outages, which we need you to be careful for. We do not know who can access their homes safely at this time, so we ask you, use caution,” Bone said.

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