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Each of the ingredients are packed with nutrients

It’s populated with official and unofficial meetings and counter meetings overseen by whimpering businessman goon types who weep crocodile tears as part of their own schemes for individual advancement. But Proxy Wars is still notable because it’s the one that finally lets scrappy lead dog Hirono Shozo (Bunda Sugawara) off the leash. Lingering in the background throughout the first two, Shozo emerges as a major player here, suffering through meetings like a born hoodlum in his blue pinstripe suit and beating his dumb employees like an unhinged dad.

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Mayor Bill de Blasio and the City Council aren’t in charge of the city’s proposed $93.5 billion budget. Gov. Andrew Cuomo and the Legislature are. Was one of three dishwashers to start, Thompson said. Got fired and one quit, so I was doing it all. I had asked to be given a chance to be a cook to better myself, and the manager said, we give you a shot.

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