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I am not a dirty person so I don spill anything

I have never done domestic work before, I used to stay alone and a maid used to do all the cooking and cleaning. I am not a dirty person so I don spill anything around. But this time we had to do everything ourselves from jhadu poncha to bartan. On repeated listens, it becomes clear that this is an album of songs which have been built around big chorus hooks much more than its predecessor. What makes this so effective though is that, apart from ‘Say You Love Me’, these hooks don’t feel contrived. Instead, they evolve easily within the songs, maintaining that elegance which is only enhanced by Ware’s intimate vocal..

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The NBA and NHL seem in limbo. Each league has floated ideas for returning to complete their 2019 20 seasons and they’ve fizzled out. The players all try to sound optimistic about coming back, but it’s unclear whether they really believe it will happen..

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